This blog is primarily about the history of the buildings the Grateful Dead played in. Why? I don’t know except I’m a fan of old buildings and especially how they’re transormed over the years for various purposes. These old buildings speak to me of people, places, culture and ideas from long ago. So the Dead are just the springboard for talking about these places.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stockton Ballroom, Stockton CA

Ideally, this blog will be for more thorough discussions of venues, such as the FDGH post. But I'll also occasionally post links to Google Earth files (kmz or kml extension) of venues now and then. Like now, for instance!

Corry over at the lostlivedead blog just posted some info on the 4/28/67 Stockton Ballroom show/venue here. To supplement that post here is a photo of the glamour that is the Stockton Ballroom with a link to a kmz file to show you just where it is on the face of the planet. The place is still in use for various get-togethers, wedding receptions, club meets, etc. Not too fancy a place but hey, if your wayback machine could take you there to hear a scorching Viola Lee Blues and some raunchy Pigpen would you complain about the facilities? I thought not.

And why didn't I think of checking out youtube for interior shots of the place? Jeez, a whole new source (for me) to look at the inside of some of these places. Anyway, photo below courtesy of Google Street View (but hosted at

Stockton Ballroom on Google Earth

image from Google Street View

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